Hello Hanner Tennis Club Members,


Most of you I have met but some I have not. My name is Victoria Arno and I am the new head of the restaurant in the tennis club! I hope you will all excuse my English, I come from America and am still learning German, but I would like to formally introduce the restaurant and it's hours to you all. Attached I have the restaurant menu. As you can see in its title, the name of the restaurant is "La Americana". Most of my dishes are Italian inspired but with an Americanized spin. In the future I would like to branch out to bring you tastes from around the world and provide new flavors for you to try.


As for the restaurant hours, these will be decided over time. It will be open everyday from 16:00-22:00 except for Sunday in which it will close at 20:00. Eventually it will be closed one day a week but for now I need to test these hours and see which day would be best for that.


Special hours coming up are that this Thursday, 25-5, the restaurant will open at 18:00 instead of 16:00. Also, it will be closed for the weekend of 2-6 and will re-open 7-6 with normal hours.


Any feedback or suggestions from you, the members, is appreciated as this restaurant grows. I would like it to be something we are all proud to say is a part of the Haaner Tennis Club!

Thank you all for your support!


Best regards and I hope to see you soon!


-Victoria Arno